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Easystow Fender valves are about as simple and easy to use as you can get. The valves are simply open tubes, so there are no threads to cross or o-rings to replace. To seal, fold in half and insert under the cover. The specialty tubing is formulated for outdoor use and constant compression and flexing. It's thick wall, when creased, supports 30 psi before any leaking starts to occur. Prototypes and samples have been exposed to repeated midwestern winters and summers and still work great. As part of our fenders they're warranted for as long as you own them.

                             Easystow Fender Valve Open       Easystow Fender Valve Closed
                                              Open                                               Closed

Valves are located close to one end. Any pump with adaptors for inflatable toys or boats will work. Tire type pumps will not. Care should be used if inflating with a high pressure air compressor. Once inflated, fold the tube in approximately half, remove the pump nozzle and work the tube under the cover. Only one crease is recommended.

To avoid the possibility of getting water in the fender, do not submerse with open valves. Fenders can be stored with the valves open or closed.