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Fleece Covers

The question of whether to cover fenders seems to be a mixed bag. So we offer them. Some customers simply prefer the look and feel of covers, others with painted topsides have said it was highly recommended by the painter/manufacturer. Looking around boat shows and docks at painted topsides proved few heed that advice. However if your topsides have a new expensive paint job, or you just like the feel and look, we would recommend  not just any covers but fleece. Covers made from awning fabrics can scratch topsides as easily as vinyl fenders can scuff. It's important to keep any cover clean because accumulated dirt can also scratch the paint. The increased loft and openness of fleece helps keep it cleaner.

Our premium fleece covers are available in dark blue, black and tan .

Fender cover blue
Fender cover black

Tan Fleece
They easily attach with velcro by simply wrapping around the fender and folding over the ends. The only part of the fender exposed are the loops. Their easy to open to get at the air valve or remove for cleaning. With a slightly deflated fender they could even make a nice pillow.

  Cover Closed   Open Cover